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Dear ASALICS Korea website visitors,

ASIALICS, Asia Association of Learning, Innovation, and Coevolution Studies, has served as a key actor in innovation science and its application to industry in Asian countries. With the emergence of artificial intelligence and big data, innovating the whole processes of planning, designing, manufacturing, and logistics is the core competence of industry and public sectors.

Although ASIALICS itself was born and raised in South Korea, now it is a totally distributed system where each country's ASIALICS office is always ready to play a role of center. For instance, ASIALICS annual conference was held in Iran (2017), South Korea (2014), Thai (2016), Indonesia (2015), and other nations.

In the era of convergence of technology and divergence of organizations, ASIALICS Korea would like to invite you to join in our long but delightful journey of innovating your life, workplace, local community, and even the whole nation.

Our founding president, Prof. Kong-rae Lee, kindly established this venue for Asian workers, scholars, and students in innovation field. Now is the time to grow this venue together for the emergence of Asian Community with peace, prosperity, and productivity.

Thank you,

2017. 1.

Jang-Hyun Kim, Ph.D.