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ASIALICS 2017 Call for Paper / 30 Aug.-1 Oct., 2017, Tehran, Iran

2017.01.04. 13:01:16

Dear ASIALICS comittee members, 

Hope you are all doing well and have a happy new year, 


The call for paper of the conference for this year (2017), could be found below. the conference website is: 

I hope to see you all in Iran. We are preparing package tours for you as well. 

Please circulate the conference website to everybody seems interested to join us!

All the best


We are pleased to release the call for papers for the 14th ASIALICS Conference in Tehran, Iran (30th -31th of August, 2017). The main theme of the conference for this year is: “Technological learning, innovation and catching-up in the context of international collaborations”.


Paper submission deadline: 8th June 2017


The conference will explore, among other things, the modes of technological learning and innovation within the context of international collaborations for successful catching up. It is extremely important for the West-Asia to learn from the experiences of the East-Asian’s successful countries; while it needs to explore its own way based on its internal capabilities and conditions.

We welcome papers pertaining to the issues of technological learning and innovation, capability building, catching-up and even development in different levels (i.e. firms, industries or countries). We would like to see the ramifications of these experiences and their implicated learning for the West-Asian countries.

West-Asian countries, especially the Middle-East region, is characterized by rich diversity of resources, religious heritage, warm climate, especial geographical location and somehow a turbulence political situation. Analysis of the role of each of those factors in the success or failure stories within this region is highly welcomed.

Similar factors are also welcomed to be further scrutinized such as the role of finance, intellectual property rights, foreign direct investment, standardization, industrial policies. Those studies could reveal general bottlenecks that might impose substantial barriers in the way of learning and catching-up. Especial attention would be the role of international collaborations and the possible ways for enhancing technological learning within this context. Comparative studies would also be very interesting in order to reveal the similarities and differences between the context of West-Asia and other regions. We encourage participants to use any possible sources to conduct those types of comparative studies.

Key note lecture will be given by Prof. Lundvall from Aalborg University, Denmark and Prof. Djeflat from Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille (Lille-1), France. We may add some extra keynote lecturers according to the conference program.

If you wish to be involved, remember we are open for full paper submissions (under 12,000 words and original, in that it has not been presented before), to be registered before 8th of June 2017. Paper submission and registration are online via the conference website at: further information and news are also available via the conference website. Please don’t forget to check for important dates too.

We look forward to seeing you in Tehran.

Best Regards, 
Asialics Organizing Committee
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