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Call for Papers & Presentations of 2nd ASIALICS Korea Annual Conference / 제2회 정기학술대회 발표모집안내

The 2nd Annual Conference of ASIALICS Korea 2016

 April 29 to 30, 2016 / DGIST, Daegu, South Korea




Call for Papers & Presentations



Theme: The 4th Industrial Revolution and Innovation in Asia


ASIALICS Korea holds an annual conference themed “The 4th Industrial Revolution and Innovation in Asia.” International scholars from Asia in and out of Korea are strongly encouraged to present at the venue. We will discuss the present and future of Asian innovation, inspired with the successful hosting of ASIALICS annual convention in 2014 at DGIST.

Global economy is rapidly entering the stage of harsher competition. For instance, Samsung Electronics is now competing with Huawei and Xiaomi as well as Apple. Asian countries are facing a momentum to achieve a“quantum jump”toward advanced economy or to fall down to be a loser in the global markets. From a historical perspective, the first industrial revolution emerged with steam-power engine and press printing in the 19th century. The second industrial revolution appeared with electronics and the combustion engine in the 20thcentury. According to Jeremy Rifkin, the third industrial revolution is inspired by the world wide web and renewable energies. What would be next? This conference will discuss the next stage of innovation ahead and how we can deal with it in terms of innovation studies.



1.     Paper Submission



Individual papers and panel proposals are welcome for presentation on all aspects of Asian innovation including but not limited to:


           Industry innovation in Asian countries: e.g., Automobile industry in Korea

           IT and Asian innovation: e.g., Information technology innovation in Beijing

           Industry clusters and innovation: e.g., Zhongguancun as an innovation cluster in Beijing

           Advanced technologies and innovation diffusion: e.g., Internet of Things, cloud computing, human-information interaction, renewable energies, unmanned vehicles, etc.

           Organization approaches to innovation

           Triple-Helix approaches to innovation

           Future studies approaches to innovation

           Industrial organization approaches to innovation

           Policy and administrative science approaches to innovation

           Humanities and other social science approaches to innovation

           Real world cases of corporate, regional, national, and global innovations


Deadline of submission: March 31, 2016

Notification of acceptance (est.): April 15, 2016


Individual papers or presentation and panel proposals should include name, institutional affiliation, the title of the paper, an abstract of 300 words, and a 50-100-word biography of the author. Send proposals as a MS WORD file. Each paper should be at least 3,000 words long.

For the paper submission guidelines, please see the conference website. The accepted papers will be opened at the conference website (

Presenters: Scholars, students, and experts in innovation studies and management of technology (MoT) and other relevant areas.

Language of writing and presentation: English (recommended)or Korean



2.     Registration


All conference attendees, including speakers and session chairs, must register and pay the registration fee to have access to sessions and other events. Please visit the ASIALICS Korea web page and click on 'On-line registration' to register for the conference.


Deadline of registration: April 22, 2016


Registration Fees



Local participants

Foreign participants



KRW 50,000

USD 50


KRW 30,000

USD 30



KRW 80,000

USD 80


KRW 50,000

USD 50


Payment Methods


Recipient information for Bank Transfer



Account Name: ASIALICS Korea

Account Number: 532-10-109264-6

Bank Name: Daegu Bank


Swift Code: DAEBKR22

Account Name: 사단법인 한국아시아릭스

Account Number: 505-10-143019-8

Bank Name: 대구은행



3.     Accommodation

DGIST Global Residence

Room Type

Room Rates


Standard Room

KRW 66,000 (USD 66)

1 Queen bed

Twin Room

KRW 77,000 (USD 77)

2 Single beds

Suite Room

KRW 99,000 (USD 99)

1 Queen bed, waiting room

*For room reservation, please contact to ASIALICS Korea secretariat (



4.      Contact / ASIALICS Korea secretariat

333, Techno jungang-daero, Hyeonpung-Myeon, Dalseong-Gun, Daegu, 711-873, Republic of Korea

Tel. +82.53.785.5008 Fax. +82.53.785.5009 E-mail. Website.

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