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ASIALICS 2016 / 3-4 Oct. 2016 / Bangkok, Thailand

2016.09.21. 10:21:54

Welcome to ASIALICS 2016 held at the Centara Grand Hotel at Central Plaza Ladprao, Bangkok, Thailand from 3 – 4 October 2016.

ASIALICS aim to explore and develop the concept of learning, innovation and competence building as an analytical framework. The objective of ASIALICS is to stimulate the establishment of knowledge based strategies or economic development in Asia. The idea is to bring together interesting issues about what is going on in Asian countries and companies and to share experiences regarding methodology, analytical results and policies.

The ASIALICS 2016 conference theme is "Area-based Innovation in Asia". Area-based Innovation System is an emerging concept beyond the classical industrial cluster and traditional regional innovation system. It focuses on how a space can induce innovation activities in relation with mega-infrastructure, city development and linkages with local communities.

The two-day event features prominent speakers from academia, industries, government and game changers who transform global landscape. They will address the magnificent strategies to redefine the concept of innovation system and how to shape area-based innovation with emerging technology and trends.

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