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[Call for Attendees] 2016 CICALICS Academy / 25-31 August 2016, Beijing, China

중국 베이징에서 개최되는 CICALICS Academy에 한국아시아혁신학회 회원 여러분들의 많은 참석을 부탁 드립니다.

○ 행 사 명 : 2016 CICALICS Academy 
○ 행사기간 : 2016. 8. 25~31
○ 행사장소 : 중국 베이징 Sino-Danish Center
○ 주요행사 : Cicalics PhD-course (August 25-26 and August 29-31)
                  Cicalics Workshop (August 27-28)
○ Contact : Daojuan Wang (
                Sino-Danish Center (



“Contemporary Innovation Theory and Methods”


25-31 August 2016, Sino-Danish Center, Beijing, China

The CICALICS ACADEMY aims to provide the most advanced platform for PhD students to acquire academic skills, communicate and study, and to promote the exchange and cooperation between the PhD students at home and abroad. CICALICS will invite from abroad and from China well-known scholars in the field of innovation to deliver lectures for the students. The participants are encouraged to present their papers related to their PhD-project. Every presented paper will be commented and guided by two experts.

The Cicalics Academy 2016 is organized as follows:

1.    Cicalics 2016 is scheduled from August 25 to August 31, 2016

2.    Cicalics 2016 has two parts, a Cicalics PhD-course (August 25-26 and August 29-31) and a Cicalics Workshop (August 27-28). The PhD-students take part in both the PhD-course and the Workshop.

3.    The Cicalics PhD-course consists of two main activities:

a.     Lectures on innovation and associated methodology by international professors

b.    Presentation of a paper/chapter from or related to your PhD-work followed by comments from fellow students and international professors (each ½ an hour)

4.    The Cicalics workshop consists of three main activities:

a.     Selected Key Note speeches by international and Chinese experts

b.    Paper presentation and discussion in parallel tracks

c.     A Business Forum with 2-4 representatives from well-established Chinese and foreign invested companies (Business Forum).

PhD-students take part in both the PhD-course and the workshop with or without a paper.

Eligible Applicants and Application Procedure

Eligible applicants are both Chinese and international PhD students, preferably at the 2ndyear or above. A maximum of 25 PhD-students can participate. Deadline for applications: June 1, 2016.

Applicants should (1) fill in an application form; (2) send a short description (title and abstract) of their research project; and (3) the title and abstract of the paper/chapter of the dissertation, you want to present and have discussed with the professor-panel.

If accepted for the PhD-course, a full paper/chapter will have to be submitted with no more than 2000 English words, 1.5 line spaces and 12 size fonts together with an abstract (max 300 words).

It is expected that applicants present original paper/chapter related to the dissertation work or to ongoing research work in the field of innovation. It should include research objectives, analytical framework and method, source of data, as well as potential or achieved results.

Please send your application to: Daojuan Wang: no later than May12016.


All PhD-students are also taking part in the CICALICS-Workshop. You can take part with or without presenting a paper. The paper cannot be the same as the paper/chapter for the PhD-course. If you want to present a paper at the Cicalics Workshop, please complete special section in the application form.


l   No application fee is charged;

l   Participants should pay expenditure for travel and local accommodations by themselves.

Selection and admission:

The Academic Committee will decide admission based on excellence. Admission notice will be sent out no later than June 1, 2016.

Further Information

If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact us through the following Daojuan Wang: Please, keep informed through our


CICALICS Workshop 2016



Innovation at Business, Regional/National & Global Levels

-         in a Collaboration Perspective


August 27-28, 2016

Yanqihu Campus or Zhonguancun Campus, SDC (School of Management, UCAS & Department of Business and Management, AAU), Beijing, China


The CICALICS-2016 Workshop aims to link scholars and research groups on learning, innovation and competence building for development in China with international research communities. Cicalics provides a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the industrial transition process facing Chinese companies and China at large. These challenges and opportunities include the dynamics achieved through global engagement and collaboration with MNEs and internationalization of R&D, including acquisition of R&D facilities abroad.

The theme of Cicalics 2016 is:

Innovation at Local, National & Global Levels in a Collaboration Perspective


This year, we would like to put more emphasis on collaboration,. Collaboration, which takes many forms, seems to be a key word for innovative performance and constitutes an essential part of  both innovation theories and practices. Just to mention a few examples, all the following constructs entail collaboration: R&D-teams, network, interaction, Triple Helix, strategic alliance, user-producer interaction, open innovation, etc.


Cicalics is an open forum with room for a wide set of topics related to learning, innovation and competences. Furthermore the Cicalics forum also welcomes other innovation related topics. For example, in recent years, a set of initiatives have been launched in China and many of them aim to develop an innovation driven China. In Cicalics 2016 we welcome innovation related papers that study and bring these new initiatives into the research arena, including “China Made 2025”; “Internet +”; “Smart Manufacturing”; Mass Innovation Entrepreneurship, etc.


At the same time, Cicalics welcomes more global topics such as: the role of MNE-R&D in China within an innovation driven economy; the gradual formation of a Global Innovation System; The effect of Chinese OFDI into R&D on developed and developing countries, etc.


Finally, having recently witnessed the Cup2016 in Paris aiming at assuring a sustainable world, it would be interesting to have papers on practices and strategies of green innovation and sustainability and associated with them new business models.

Submission and acceptance

The Cicalics 2016 Workshop welcomes scholars willing to present their work in the areas mentioned above. However, the forum also welcomes the attendance of scholars who are not presenting a paper, but are willing to engage in a progressive and constructive dialogue on the topics of the forum.

To present a paper at the Workshop, please submit an extended abstract (about 1000words) to the 2016-Cicalics Organizing Committee before May 30, 2016.

The Scientific Board of the Cicalics 2016 Workshop will review the abstract and make an acceptance decision. The authors of the abstract will be notified of acceptance within 2 weeks. The authors of accepted abstracts would be required to submit full papers before the workshop (Deadline is August 1) and present the paper at the workshop.

The extended summary is to be submitted to

Contact:  For further information, please contact: Email: Daojuan Wang:


Or turn to the Cicalics website:


Abstract of 1.000 words:                                                         May 30, 2016

Notification of acceptance:                                          June 15, 2016


Full Paper and Publishing Opportunities

We encourage to develop full papers that after the Cicalics Workshop can be taken to the publishing stage.  Cicalics 2016 aims to improve the publishing opportunities for good papers. We have established links to the new Tsinghua University based “International Journal of Innovation Studies” and agreed to a special Cicalics 2016 issue. Furthermore, we have established links to “Asian Journal for Innovation Policy” to recommend high quality papers to be published in the journal. In general, Cicalics will review the full papers and support the publishing of the papers.

Registration and Fees:

Before July 1, the registration fee is RMB 1200

After July 1, the registration fee is RMB 1500


Cicalics Workshop Schedule (Draft)


Aug. 26, 2016


Aug. 27, 2015


Aug. 28, 2016




Opening and

Keynote Speech

Key Note Speech

10:00 – 10:15


Coffee Break

Coffee Break



Keynote speech

Session 2

11:45- 13:30






Session 1

Session 3


Coffee Break

Coffee Break

15:15 –16:45

Innovation Dialogue with Companies

Session 4

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